About 旧金山的九游会平台 House Cleaning

  • We are our people; THE BEST!
  • 你给我们的女佣排序. That means you get quality-proven maid service.
  • Your feedback directly impacts our maids' pay.
  • Our maid service sweeps up the competition.


At 旧金山的九游会平台 we believe that you CAN have it all but you don’t have to DO it all on your own. 我们可以减轻你的负担, taking care of the housework so that you can focus on what’s really important to you. 与家人共度时光, time for career advancement or just time to relax and have fun; what will you do when you are free from the burden of the never ending cleaning routine? 这取决于你!


Our house cleaning service is a locally based, family-oriented house cleaning company with decades of home cleaning experience in 弗里斯科, 德州. We offer high quality residential maid service in 弗里斯科, 普莱诺, and throughout the greater 达拉斯 area. Our hundreds of satisfied customers choose us every time because we treat every client like a VIP. 这意味着你得到了最好的九游会平台, the best home cleaners and the best cleaning experience every time. We want your business and we want to keep it! We are so confident that our service is the best clean in 弗里斯科 that we guarantee your complete satisfaction 100% every time!



With the most selective hiring process in the 弗里斯科 area (around 1 in 100 make the cut), 你的家和财产是安全的. In addition to thorough background checks, 背景调查, 犯罪背景调查, performed on each professional house cleaning applicant, the interviewing process also tests for honesty. We look for individuals with 1) a good work ethic and 2) a good heart. 旧金山的九游会平台 believe you can’t hire one without the other. Not only do we have the best people, we keep them. Our turnover is a fraction of the 300% industry average.  Take comfort knowing the team that is at your home today, will be the one there tomorrow.   旧金山女佣的绩效奖金, 高于平均工资, and other company benefits are designed to reward the best performers. How do we know who are our best performers?


YOU help us determine who are our best performers

我们的客户给我们的女佣排序. Once service is completed, you will receive an email requesting feedback on the team’s performance. This feedback is automatically recorded in 旧金山的九游会平台 scheduling system in the form a 5 star rating scale along with your more detailed feedback. This feedback directly impacts the cleaning team’s pay period bonus and raises.



Maid service is supposed to make you life easier, so at 旧金山的九游会平台 房屋九游会平台我们保持简单!

1) We’ll give you a free quote over the phone or, if you prefer, booking online using our easy 预订表单

2) We’ll set up a customized home cleaning service plan based on what YOU want and need.

3) Booking your clean takes 5 minutes over the phone or 60 seconds online.

4) We offer a wide variety of no hassle payment options for your convenience.

5) We are so sure that you will love our service that we back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Our maids know their pay depends on your satisfaction

So please submit feedback because your opinion of our cleaning service makes us a better company. Your input helps us determine which teams gets the most work and who deserves bonuses and pay raises. Your voice is the reason why our maids sweep up the competition!


旧金山的九游会平台 在德克萨斯州的弗里斯科九游会平台

Over recent years the demand for quality home cleaning in 弗里斯科 has exploded! 九游会平台, LLC continually received more cleaning requests from 弗里斯科 families who were not satisficed with the local options,  we decided to start expanding our service area to include 弗里斯科, 殖民地, 麦金尼, and surrounding area in order to offer an 屡获殊荣的九游会平台经验 我们在达拉斯很有名. 旧金山的九游会平台 is our solution for filling 弗里斯科’s demand for a quality maid service. So if you are not satisficed with the local talent, we’d love to have a chance to clean your home!





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你给女佣打分. 这意味着始终如一的质量.

Your Benefits with 旧金山的九游会平台



旧金山的九游会平台 gives you more time to spend with family, friends, or yourself!



Your maids are trained on 旧金山的九游会平台's safety guidelines and best practices.



你给我们的女佣打分. That means you get quality-proven maid service.



Book online instantly with our convenient 预订表单.



Online or phone correspondence makes it easy for you to communicate with 弗里斯科 Maids' staff.


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